Séquence Flash

DIY Sequence Flash in English

How to prepare your flash sequence?

What is it all about?
Flash sequence is a presentation lasting up to 90 seconds, many of which can be found on our website. This is a (free) opportunity available to all SFP (Société Française de Phlébologie) members, including sponsors, to send a message which should by no means be a promotional message.

Subject: The subject must be related to Phlebology, providing scientific, practical or technical data, Tips and Tricks…

Objectives: To enable SFP members to convey short messages, innovative ideas or aids and improvements to the current practice… To enable commercial companies to convey useful messages, to make a scientific or technical contribution, to create emulation between competitors and to nurture the partnership.

Format: Possible formats are a ppt presentation with automated transitions (preferably 16:9 format), or better still a video, an animation or a commented video, for a maximum of 90 seconds. Background music may be used provided it is copyright-free. Music references must appear at the beginning or end of the flash sequence. In case of a flash sequence made by a sponsor, only the presence of the sponsor’s logo is authorized at the beginning and end of the flash sequence.

The author remains exclusively responsible for the informative and scientific content of his flash sequence.


   – SFP member surgeons or physicians
   – representatives of the SFP sponsoring industry
Participation is free, but the author must be a member of the SFP or and for industrialists, partners of the SFP congress. The author must register for the December SFP conference. 

Where and when to send the flash sequence:

Prior to the congress, the Flash sequences should be sent to the following address: smeyer@divine-id.com

For 2018, the deadline to send flash sequences is October 31, 2018

Use Wetransfer© to easily send and receive files.

Procedure: A technical committee will be tasked with validating the conformity of the flash sequence according to the criteria set out above. In case of refusal, the author will be informed and will be able to bring his flash sequence into conformity. However, the deadline also applies to corrected flash sequences.
An SFP committee will then be assigned to select « nominated sequences« , which will be projected in a special session, the « FLASH SEQUENCES FESTIVAL« , during the congress. The SFP committee will also award two jury prizes.

The Flash sequences will also be aired in plenary sessions (start-end of sessions), the topic may or may not be related to the topic matter during the session ending or the one following after.

The sequences can also be viewed in a loop in the stand area.

The approved FS are uploaded on the SFP website each year after the congress and are available for viewing at all times: http://www.sf-phlebologie.org/vie-de-la-sfp/sequences-flash

Thus, the FS for the years 2014, 2015, 2016,2017 and 2018 are already online.

Every 15th of the month, 2 or 3 FS of the current year’s selection are sent via internet by the SFP Newsletters to a large public of the phlebological world.

Prize : after the participants have voted throughout the congress, two prizes will be awarded:
– A didactic prize: best flash sequence in terms of scientific or technical contribution.

– An artistic prize: best flash sequence in terms of creativity and the quality of the presentation.

The SFP committee will also award a special jury prize for doctors and a special jury prize for industrialists.

The prizes will be awarded at the Flash Sequence Festival.


  • Sequences submitted after the 31 of October 2018 will be rejected.
  • Background music is allowed but must be copyright-free, the references of the music used must appear on the flash sequence. Any use of music or images not free of rights will systematically exclude the flash sequence, similarly the absence of reference will also be a reason for exclusion. In all cases the author remains solely responsible for the informative and scientific content of his Flash sequence.
  • Each flash sequence must be accompanied by a Text document (Word or other) including: Flash sequence title / Author’s name / Flash sequence summary in 2 to 3 lines and 3 keywords. Without these elements, the flash sequence cannot be posted online after the congress even if it conforms to the specifications and is broadcast during the congress.