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DIY Sequence Flash in English

How to prepare your flash sequence?

Since its congress in December 2014, the French Society of Phlebology has set up the « SÉQUENCES FLASH ». Every year now, you look forward to the launch of the new Flash sequences at the SFP congress in Paris in December, and more and more of you are attending the awards ceremony on Friday evening. These video sequences are also regularly broadcast throughout the year through newsletters, and they make it possible to bring to life an incredibly rich video library on our SFP website where you can consult them freely as much as you wish.


These are expression modules that give the floor to members of the French Society of Phlebology and its industrial partners.

A new feature for 2020, two types of Flash sequences will be possible:

1.         Category A – Flash sequence reserved for medical or surgical members of the French Society of Phlebology, up to date with SFP membership fees and present at the December congress for the year in question. The duration of the module is ideally 90 seconds and should in no case exceed 120 seconds; any advertising message is excluded. Many examples are available on our website.

2.         Category B – Flash sequence reserved for our industrial partners, present at the SFP congress in December of the year in question. Its duration is 60 to 90 seconds maximum. This module can contain an advertising message. The candidate must pay a broadcasting fee to the SFP.


For both modules, the subject must be related to Phlebology, providing scientific, practical or technical data, Tips and Tricks…

In addition, for category B, advertising messages are allowed, in which case we recommend adding a touch of aesthetic or humorous originality.


Enable SFP members to convey short messages, innovative ideas or help and improvements to current practice….

Enable commercial companies to convey useful messages, make a scientific or technical contribution, disseminate important or new information about their products, create emulation between competitors and maintain the partnership.


The format can be a ppt presentation with automated transitions (preferably 16:9 format), or better under video, an animation drawing or a commented video (see above for the duration according to the category concerned). Background music is allowed provided it is free of copyright. Music references must appear at the beginning or end of the flash sequence.

The author remains solely responsible for the informative and scientific content of his/her flash sequence.


– Surgeons or doctors who are members of the SFP, up to date with their SFP membership fees and present at the SFP congress in December for the year in question (category A)

– Representatives of the SFP sponsoring industry present at the SFP congress in December for the year in question (category B)

Participation is free of charge for category A.

For category B, contact Divine-Id for information on the payment of broadcasting rights.


Before the congress, the sequences should be sent to the SFP: smeyer@divine-id.com (via wetransfer if video).

For 2020, the deadline for sending flash sequences is OCTOBER 12, 2020.

Use Wetransfer to make it easier to send and receive files.


A technical committee will be in charge of validating the conformity of the flash sequence according to the criteria set out above. In case of refusal the author will be informed and will be able to bring his flash sequence into conformity, be careful however the deadline is also valid for the sending of corrected flash sequences.

An SFP committee will then be responsible for selecting « nominated sequences », which will be screened in a special session, the « FESTIVAL OF FLASH SEQUENCES », during the congress. In addition to the 3 prizes awarded by the public, a special jury prize will be awarded by the SFP committee.

Flash sequences will also be projected in plenary sessions (beginning and end of sessions), the subject may or may not be related to the subject treated during the session that ends or the one that starts after that.

The sequences can also be viewed in a loop in the stand area.

The validated Flash Sequences (FSs) are posted each year after the congress on the SFP website and are permanently available for viewing: http://www.sf-phlebologie.org/vie-de-la-sfp/sequences-flash

The FSs for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 are already online.

Every 15th of the month, 2 or 3 FSs of the current year’s selection are sent via the Internet by the SFP Newsletters to a wide audience in the phlebological world.


A total of 4 prizes will be awarded, 3 by the public, 1 by the SFP committee.

  • Public: after collecting the votes of the participants throughout the congress, three prizes will be awarded:
  • A DIDACTIC PRICE: best flash sequence in terms of scientific or technical contribution.
  • An ARTISTIC PRICE: best flash sequence on the creativity and quality of the presentation.
  • FPS Committee: it will award a SPECIAL JURY PRIZE for doctors’ category (Category A).

The 2020 awards will be presented at the “Flash Sequences Festival”, on Friday, December 4, 2020,Salle Margaux


– After OCTOBER 12, 2020 the sequences received will be refused

Background music is allowed but must be free of rights, the references of the music used must appear on the flash sequence. Any use of music or images not free of copyright will systematically exclude the flash sequence, just as the absence of a reference will also be a reason for exclusion. In any case, the author remains solely responsible for the informative and scientific content of her/his Flash sequence.

– Each flash sequence must be accompanied by a Text document (Word or other) with: Title of the flash sequence / Author’s name / Summary of the flash sequence in 2 to 3 lines and 3 keywords. Without these elements, the flash sequence cannot be put online after the congress even if it complies with the specifications and is broadcast during the congress.